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St Marianne Cope


Barbara Coop was born in 1838 in Germany, and her family moved to Utica, New York, when she was just a child. The family attended mass at St Joseph's Catholic Church in Utica, New York. Barbara was called to serve as a Catholic nun, and she was invested as Sister Marianne Cope. Sr Cope became a nurse, and is credited for establishing two hospitals in New York.

St Marianne Cope's work brought her to places in New York including Oswego and Syracuse and in Hawaii.

St Marianne wrote the North American bishop in the 19th century, asking that she and the nuns in her charge move to Hawaii to help the suffering people. Her life is a testimony to patience and her desire to serve is an example of boundless love. Due to her selflessness and fearlessness improving the health care and living conditions of Hawaiians who were cast off from society because they had Hansen's disease, St Marianne was canonized as a saint by the Catholic Chuch in 2012.

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