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Blessed Marianne Cope 1838-1919 prayer card.pdf
A brief introduction to the life of Saint Marianne Cope, this prayer card is used to request Saint Marianne's intercession, prior to the Canonization of the Saint.

During a feast celebrating the Canonization of St Marianne Cope, October 2015, Utica, New York, U.S.A., Fr Dellos, pastor of St Joseph's and St Patrick's Church, celebrates by praying over St Marianne's relics. Many attendees reported experiencing…

A dedication plaque with a brief story of the life of St Marianne Cope was installed on the grounds of the demolished childhood home of St Marianne Cope on Schuyler Street, Utica, New York, U.S.A.

Liturgy Celebrating the canonization of Saint Marianne Cope.pdf
Text including the 2012 liturgy celebrated in the now closed, St Anthony's Convent in Syracuse, New York. When St Marianne was canonized in Rome, Italy, at the Vatican, many of the nuns stayed at their home, the convent in Syracuse and held a special…

Mary Kate Christine Catherine.jpg
Mother Mary and her Kate, and Christine Dunleavy with her daughter Catherine Lopez at St Joan of Arc, Morrisville, New York

Novena Prayer to St. Marianne Cope.pdf
This is a prayer one would traditionally say beginning nine days before a Saint's feast Day.

Text of the Trinitine Roman Catholic Mass

The Raccolta - 1910.pdf
A resource of Catholic Prayers with devotions to Catholic Saints. St Marianne Cope was devoted to the Blessed Virgin and Her Mother, St Anne

In this reliquary at the former St Anthony's Convent of the order of Newman, Franciscan nuns in Syracuse, New York lies St Marianne Cope's physical remains. The body was exhumed from Kalaupapa, Hawaii, and rested with the nuns for many years. In…

Saint Marianne Cope Novena & Procession of Parishes October 12-20, 2013.pdf
On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Canonization of St Marianne Cope, those in her home parish of St Joseph's & St Patrick's Church in Utica, New York, processed, prayed her novena for nine days, and celebrated.
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