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Saint Marianne Cope Second Anniversary of Canonization 2014.pdf
On the second anniversary of St Marianne Cope's canonization, the people of her home congregation at St Joseph's & St Patrick's Church in Utica, New York, celebrate with a special mass with special music.

A dedication plaque with a brief story of the life of St Marianne Cope was installed on the grounds of the demolished childhood home of St Marianne Cope on Schuyler Street, Utica, New York, U.S.A.

During a feast celebrating the Canonization of St Marianne Cope, October 2015, Utica, New York, U.S.A., Fr Dellos, pastor of St Joseph's and St Patrick's Church, celebrates by praying over St Marianne's relics. Many attendees reported experiencing…

In this reliquary at the former St Anthony's Convent of the order of Newman, Franciscan nuns in Syracuse, New York lies St Marianne Cope's physical remains. The body was exhumed from Kalaupapa, Hawaii, and rested with the nuns for many years. In…

Kate Mahoney, third from left, is photographed at St Joseph's and St Patrick's Church in Utica, New York after a mass in celebration of St Marianne Cope's Canonization. Ms Mahoney was ill as a child, and a relic of St Marianne Cope was delivered to…

The site where the Cope family lived in Utica has been purchased by St Joseph's & St Patrick's Church. The marker was placed in 2015. The depression on the left side of the image is where the house stood.

The home was around the corner from the…

The site of the preserved grounds where the Coop family home stood.

St Joe St Pat Altar Christmas.jpg
St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church was built by the German immigrant community it served in the late 19th century. This is the church Barbara Coop attended as a child.

St Joe St Pat side altar.jpg
The side altar of this German-American Church in Utica, New York now has a statue of St. Patrick. The Irish and German Catholic Congregations of Utica, New York no longer maintain sufficient numbers to support two, large churches, and have combined.…

St Joe St Pats Creche.jpg
Difficult financial times hit the central New York region after industry left small cities in the later part of the 20th century. The congregation decorates the massive church for every feast, and the Christmas decorations feature near life-size…
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